RYA Course List

RYA National Powerboat Certificate Level 1

This course is aimed at those who would benefit from a basic introduction to Powerboating, perhaps your young or in-experienced crew or for those who may wish to take up Powerboating and have had no experience, yet!

RYA National Powerboat Certificate Level 2

This is perhaps the most popular qualification which provides the skills and background knowledge needed to be a competent powerboat "driver".

It meets the minimum standard required to obtain an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) required by many countries throughout Europe and the World if you wish to use your boat, or charter one, in their waters.

RYA Intermediate (Day Cruising) Certificate

This course will suit those with a good level of boat handling skills who would like to develop these skills further with a view to expanding their cruising range by navigating coastal waters on short, daylight passages. It provides practical instruction on traditional and electronic navigation techniques required to create and execute pilotage notes and passage plans.

RYA Advanced (Day & Night Cruising) Certificate

Primarily for very experienced Powerboaters, this course is aimed at the professional or serious amateur. It is run over two long days and incorporates a night passage on the first day.  It is expected that you will already possess and be able to demonstrate very good boathandling and navigational skills and be able to take charge of a powerboat, and crew, in both known and unknown waters in daylight, and at night, in all conditions. Whilst there is instruction in some new and more advanced manoeuvres on this course it is very much an "assessment with guidance".


International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

You will need an ICC if you wish to use your boat or charter one abroad. There are many ways to gain your ICC, just click on the title above to find out.

It may possible to take these courses on your own boat, privately, providing it is adequately equipped.

Please call to enquire.






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